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Neighborhood Reinvestment Grants Program

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What are Neighborhood Reinvestment Grants?

The Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant (NRG) program is a partnership between the City of Boise and the registered neighborhood associations.

The program funds comprehensive neighborhood plans and capital construction projects to help enrich the lives of our citizens, enhance the identity and quality of life in our neighborhoods and encourage a strong sense of community.

Projects funded through the Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant include:

Public Projects

  • Borah Park Shelter | Borah Neighborhood, 2013

  • Whitewater Park Blvd. Roundabout "Water Chutes" Sculpture | Veterans Park Neighborhood, 2013-2014

  • Traffic Box Art | Central Bench and Borah Neighborhoods, 2013

Parks & Playgrounds

  • Whitney School Playground Enhancement | Vista Neighborhood, 2010
  • Greenbelt Benches | Warm Springs Estates Neighborhood, 2000
  • Morris Hill Park Playground Equipment | Morris Hill Neighborhood, 2009
  • Bowden Park Playground Equipment | Depot Bench Neighborhood, 2007


Bird image from artwork funded by a Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant.