Planning & Development Services

What's New?

  • Fee Changes on May 1st
    Electrical | Plumbing | Mechanical/Fuel Gas | Planning

    Planning & Development Services' fees are changing on May 1st. The PDS Online interface will also change on May 1st. If you need help navigating the site or determining fees, please call the permit desk at 208/384-3802. Review fees.
  • New Energize Our Neighborhoods Website
    Energize Our Neighborhood is a collaboration between Boise’s residents, public and private partners, and the City to keep our neighborhoods unique and desirable. It focuses on aligning community resources to improve livability and make measurable change. The first target area is the Vista Neighborhood.

  • Mayor Bieter Awards 2015 Neighborhood Reinvestment Grants
    Mayor Bieter announced the recipients of  the City’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant awards. The grants fund neighborhood improvements to enrich the lives of residents, enhance quality of life and encourage a strong sense of community.