Downtown Occupancy Assistance Program

Downtown Occupancy Assistance Program 2

Helping Downtown Businesses Thrive

The City of Boise's new Downtown Occupancy Assistance Program helps business owners who want to open, renovate or relocate in downtown Boise. 

If you're looking to open a business in Downtown Boise, please let us help you through the processWe'll help you navigate the City’s permit process for tenant improvements and occupancy requirements, explain required permits and inspections up front, and identify potential issues that may require additional review.

Adele Schaffeld-GriffinAdele Schaffeld-Griffin is the point of contact for the Downtown Occupancy Assistance program. She is certified as a Building Plans Examiner, Fire Plans Examiner, Accessibility Plans Examiner/Inspector and an Energy Plans Examiner/Inspector. Adele is also certified as a commercial building, mechanical and fire inspector.

How We Can Help

  • Pre-Project Research
    Business owners are specialized in their line of business. We’re specialized in codes, city ordinances and licensing. Let us do our part to help your business be a success.

  • Help Completing Documents
    Business owners don’t always know which applications are required. We'll determine the correct documents and requirements to eliminate wasted time and focus on what's needed.
  • Problem Solving
    We have expert code knowledge and can help navigate codes to find solutions. We can arrange meetings between the small business owner’s design professional and the city to work together to find solutions.

  • One Stop Shop
    Changing tenants in an office or retail shop can be a simple process, as long as the space has a current certificate of occupancy and no work is taking place. We offer “One Stop Shop” review for qualifying projects during the occupancy evaluation process. We can meet you at your business, review the plans and perform inspections on the spot.

  • Request Assistance
    Fill out our online form, contact Adele at, or call (208) 608-7098.