Design Review


What is Design Review?

Virtually all commercial, industrial, office and multi-family residential zones have Design Review approval requirements. The Design Review process protects property rights and values, enhances important environmental features of the City and ensures that the general appearance of buildings and site improvements are consistent with the goals of the City. 

Design Review Goals

    • Enhancing properties with adequate landscaping 
    • Proper circulation within parking areas
    • Providing sidewalks to meet pedestrian needs
    • Encouraging architecture that responds to the needs of the users and presents an attractive exterior to the public and adjoining property owners.

Design Review Committee

The Design Review Committee functions on behalf of the Planning & Zoning Commission. The Committee is comprised of eight members, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Several members of the Committee represent the architectural, landscape architectural and engineering professions. One member is a liaison between the Commission and Committee and one member is a youth appointment.

Design Review Approvals

There are two types of Design Review procedures.

  • Staff Level Applications are reviewed by staff and do not require a public hearing.
  • Committee Level Applications require a public hearing before the Design Review Committee.

Note: Staff ultimately decides whether an application will be reviewed at a Staff or Committee level.

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