Planning Review Process for Public Hearings

There are many opportunities in the review process to make your voice heard.


1. Pre-Application Meeting
Applicant meets with city planners to discuss the project’s details and neighborhood meeting requirements.

2. Neighborhood Meeting *** 
Applicant holds a public meeting to review the project and answer questions with affected residents, property owners and neighborhood associations.

3. Applicant Submits Application


4. Project Review
City planners review project for compliance with the development code, consistency with the comprehensive plan and other long range plans.

5. Public Notice
Neighborhood associations, property owners and occupants within the minimum designated outreach area of 300 feet receive notice of the application submission, a link to the application and the date of public hearing. A notice is posted in the newspaper and on the property.

6. Public Comments *** 
Anyone can submit written comments (including email) to the assigned City of Boise planner any time after the application is received and up to 5 p.m. the Thursday prior to the public hearing.


7. Staff Report
Planners make recommendations based on the development code, comprehensive plan, public agency comments and comments from the public; however, the final decision is made by the hearing body. The staff report is available one week before the hearing at CITYOFBOISE.ORG/PUBLICMEETINGS.

8. Public Hearing *** 
There is a public hearing to review the project, hear recommendations from city planners and take testimony from the applicant, neighborhood associations and individuals.

RULING: A recommendation or final decision is made.


9. Appeal *** 
There is a 10-day appeal period following the final decision. Anyone who spoke at the hearing or submied testimony can appeal the decision. No new information can be submied aer an appeal is filed.