Lusk Street Master Plan

LuskLusk Street Area Master Plan

The Lusk Street area has experienced renewed development interest due to its close proximity to Boise State University and downtown Boise. Uses in the area have been incrementally transitioning from industrial uses to multifamily residential uses and commercial uses. With an incomplete street network, connections to the popular Boise Greenbelt, and increasing pedestrian activity, a master plan for the area is needed.

The objectives of the master plan include:

  • Understanding the constraints to increased development and redevelopment in the area, including natural constraints such as floodplain, and infrastructure constraints such as intersection capacity;
  • Provide reasonable vehicular access into the site to existing and planned land uses;
  • Highlighting the amenities of the area, including the Boise Greenbelt;
  • Provide for several modes of access within the area and connections to Boise State University; and
  • Identify unique features and history of the area that could be incorporated into placemaking project