Fort Boise/St. Luke's Planning Area


Fort Boise/St. Luke’s Planning Area

St. Luke’s Hospital filed a Master Plan application with the City of Boise. This application may involve changes to the street system, including the closure of Jefferson.

  • In recognition of the potential changes to the surrounding roadways and properties, the City of Boise is proactively seeking community input for broader roadway and land use improvements in the larger Fort Boise area.

  • The information gathered from this effort will be used to inform the City’s review of the St. Luke’s Master Plan. 

Policies & Maps
With the assistance of a public landowner/stakeholder group, Boise prepared policies and maps to illustrate the beginning efforts of this planning process, with a special focus on the Fort Boise area. The documents are listed in the sidebar.

The City’s hope is that information gathered can improve the livability of the neighborhoods around St. Luke’s and that many of the improvements can be installed in partnership with St. Luke’s, ACHD and other major landowners in the area as part of future facility construction. The next step is to gather input from the larger neighborhood around Fort Boise/ St. Luke’s.