Downtown Circulator


What is the Circulator?

The circulator is a public transportation option that would connect major destinations in Downtown Boise.

Circulator Goals

Connect activity centers in and around Downtown Boise

  • Connect regional transit to Downtown Boise
  • Maximize use of transit for downtown circulation
  • Provide transportation alternatives
  • Encourage economic activity
  • Result in positive environmental effects
  • Be cost-effective and fundable

Alternatives Analysis

The Alternatives Analysis Steering Committee studied potential routes, funding options and vehicle types

  • The study was required before the city could request additional federal funds
  • Public input gathered on potential routes, destinations and vehicle types at an open house, focus groups and community workshops

Alternative Analysis Steering Committee

  • David Bieter, City of Boise
  • Elaine Clegg, City of Boise
  • David Eberle, City of Boise
  • Clay Carley, Old Boise, LLC
  • Scott Schoenher,Rafanelli and Nahas
  • Tommy Ahlquist, Gardner Company
  • Stacy Pearson, Boise State University
  • Matt Stoll, COMPASS
  • Gregory Kaslom, Hardy Foundation
  • Chris Roth, St. Luke's Boise Medical Center
  • John Cunningham, Grove/Idaho Steelheads
  • John Brunelle, CCDC
  • Bill Whitacre, Simplot
  • Darrel Anderson, Idaho Power
  • Hy Kloc, Idaho House of Representatives
  • John Reuter, Idaho Conservation Voters
  • Sara Baker, ACHD
  • Jim Hansen, ACHD