Blueprint Boise Library

List of plans adopted by reference


Plan Name Lead Agency Date Adopted

30th Street Area Master Plan Boise City 2012
30th Street Urban Renewal Area Eligibility Report Boise City 2012

A Cultural Arts Plan for Boise's 30th Street Neighborhood Boise City 2012
ACHD Completes Streets Policy ACHD 2009
ACHD Pedestrian Bicycle Transition Plan ACHD 2003
Around the Next Turn - A 10 Year Management Plan for the Ridge to Rivers Trail System Boise City 1996, 2017

Barber Valley Specific Plan Boise City 2007
Bench-Valley Transportation Plan ACHD 1995
Big Sky Neighborhood Plan Boise City 2004
Blueprint for Good Growth Ada County 2006
Boise Airport Noise Compatibility Program Boise City 2004
Boise Central Bench Neighborhood Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan ACHD 2012
Boise City Foothills Policy Plan Boise City 1997
Boise City Historic Preservation Plan Boise City 1979
Boise Cultural District Master Plan Boise City 1998
Boise Downtown Urban Design Plan CCDC 2004
Boise River Resource Management and Master Plan Boise City 2014
Boise State University Campus Master Plan BSU 2005, 2015
Boise's Ten-Year Plan to Reduce and Prevent Chronic Homelessness Boise City 2007

Central Addition Master Plan Boise City 2015
Central Rim Neighborhood Plan Boise City 2007
City of Boise Solid Waste Strategic Plan Boise City 2008
Collister Neighborhood Plan Boise City 2007
Communities in Motion 2040 COMPASS 2006, 2016
Community Forestry Strategic Management Plan Boise City 2015
Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Plan Boise City 2004, 2011

Depot Bench Neighborhood Plan Boise City 2007
Downtown Boise Elements of Continuity CCDC 2007
Downtown Boise Mobility Study VRT 2005
Downtown Boise Plan CCDC 1993
Downtown Boise Streetscape Standards CCDC 2007
Downtown Parks and Public Spaces Master Plan Boise City 2017

East End Neighborhood Policy Guide Boise City 1999

Fire Department Master Site Plan Boise City 1999

Groundwater Management Plan ID Dept. of Water Resources 1998,2001

Harris Ranch Specific Plan (SP01) Boise City 1999
Highlands Neighborhood Plan Boise City 2007
Hyde Park Conservation District Boise City 2006

Livable Streets Design Guide ACHD 2009
Lusk Street Master Plan Boise City 2013

Master Plan for St. Luke's Health Systems Boise Facility St. Luke's Hospital 1993, 2015
Master Plan for Boise Airport Boise City 2010
Master Street Map ACHD 2010

North End Policy Guide Boise City 1985

Old Boise - Eastside Master Plan CCDC 2004
Open Space Matters - City of Boise Reserves Management Plan Boise City 2016
Oregon Trail Parkway Plan Boise City 2001
Original South Boise Neighborhood Plan Boise City 2003

Potential Public Preservation Sites Boise City 1993

River Street Master Plan Boise City 2017
River Street - Myrtle Street Master Plan CCDC 2004

Southwest Boise Transportation Study ACHD 2007
Southwest Community Comprehensive Plan Boise City 1991
St. Alphonsus Master Plan St. Alphonsus 2001
State Street Corridor TOD Policy Guidelines Boise City 2008
State Street Transit and Traffic Operational Plan ACHD/Boise City/VRT 2011
Sunrise Rim Neighborhood Plan Boise City 2003
Sycamore Neighborhood Plan Boise City 1998

Transportation Action Plan Boise City 2017

Ustick Concept Master Plan Boise City 1998

Valley Connect VRT 2006
Veterans Park Neighborhood Plan Boise City 1999
Veterans Park Neighborhood Policy Guide Boise City 1992
Vista Vision Neighborhood Plan Bosie City 1999

Warm Springs Mesa Neighborhood Plan Boise City 2014
Westside Downtown Framework Master Plan Boise City 2001
West Valley Community Center Plan Boise City 2002