Comprehensive Planning


What's New?

  • Transportation Action Plan (TAP)
    The Boise Transportation Action Plan (TAP) is a roadmap to a modern, well-balanced transportation system for Boise that provides real mobility choice and creates great places. It expresses the people of Boise’s vision, values and goals developed in the last 7 years of planning work by the city and region. Learn more

Long Range/Comprehensive Planning


Boise's Comprehensive Planning division provides long-range planning and policy analysis through the preparation, maintenance and administration of the Comprehensive Plan. They also conduct special planning studies as requested by the City Council, and sits on a wide variety of boards and committees.

The Comprehensive Planning division participates with the Community Planning Association (COMPASS), Ada County Highway District, Idaho Transportation District, the Division of Environmental Quality, Chamber of Commerce, school districts and others in preparing demographic projections, traffic studies and other analysis.

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