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Our ePlanReview system lets customers skip a trip to City Hall by submitting plans online. PDS and other reviewing agencies review plans simultaneously, which can help reduce review times.

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How to Get Started

Step 1: Submit an Application

Step 2: Upload Files

  • Follow email directions and upload files in ePlanReview 
  • Pay fees on ePay

Step 3: Plan Review Process

  • City Plan Review team  and outside agencies review plans
  • Resubmittals: If you do not pass review, you'll be notified to upload corrections.

Step 4: Project Approval 

  • Download the approved plans.or approval letter

 Need Help?

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Christina PradoCDPrado@cityofboise.org | 208-608-7114

Tisha Gallop | LGallop@cityofboise.org | 208-608-7124

Guides for ePlanReview projects

Guides specific to projects submitted after Aug. 7, 2017

What is ePlanReview?

  • PDS performs electronic plan review using ProjectDox software and the ePlanReview website. Customers can submit plans electronically for some permit types, eliminating the need for paper plans and reducing trips to City Hall. 
  • ePlanReview lets PDS, other city departments and outside agencies review plans simultaneously, significantly reducing review times. Other jurisdictions using ProjectDox report plan review time frames reduced as much as 30%.