St Mary's Crossing

Project Information

  • Address
    2535 W. State Street
  • Housing Type
  • Year Built
  • Acreage
  • Square Footage
  • Height
  • Developer
    Nagy Springcreek, LLC
  • Architect
    BRS Architects

St. Mary's Crossing

St. Mary's Crossing is comprised of two office buildings located at the corner of 27thand State Street. The project is an excellent example of one development in the Pedestrian Commercial Zone. Buildings are placed along the streets frontages with the parking to the side and rear promoting pedestrian access. An alley separates the property from a single-family residential development to the south.

The buildings include modulation of the façade through stepping of the wall planes, as well as through the mixture in materials and colors.  Materials consist of red brick and stucco, light bronze anodized aluminum windows and gray and white asphalt shingles. 


Zoning Information

Planning Area: North/East End

Zoning: PC/D (Pedestrian Commercial with Design Review)