Jimmy John's

Project Information

  • Address
    1590 S. Vista
  • Housing Type
    Drive Through
  • Year Built
  • Acreage
  • Square Footage
  • Height
  • Developer
    Hodges Enterprises
  • Architect
    ALC Architecture

Jimmy John's

The Jimmy John's restaurant and drive through is a successful example of pulling buildings closer to the intersection, placing parking and drive aisles in behind the building. The 20-foot setbacks provided along the street frontages are used for outdoor patio space.

The design of the building places windows along both the Vista and Overland Road frontages allowing for the activity on the inside to be seen from the street. This national chain was able to make the desired site design from the City work.

Zoning Information

Zoning: C-2D


  • Vista: 20' 10"
  • Overland: 20'