Hyde Park Place

Project Information

  • Address
    1207 W. Fort Street
  • Housing Type
  • Year Built
  • Acreage
  • Square Footage
  • Units
  • Height
  • Developer
    David Southers
  • Architect
    Tamura & Associates

Hyde Park Place

Hyde Park Place is bounded by three public streets and a public alley and encompasses an entire half city block. Both subterranean and alley loaded parking is provided. The building encourages pedestrian activity with patios and entrances at street level.

The mass of the building is broken up through the use of bay windows, patios, and decks. The elevations are well articulated and the rooflines are varied, giving interest to the building. Although the development is larger in scale than other residential development in the neighborhood, the design emulates the area's historical designs.

Zoning Information

Planning Area: North/East End

Zoning: R-3D/CD


  • Building (Front) 20'
  • Building (Side 13th Street) 20'
  • Building (Side 12th Street) 40'
  • Building (Alley) 26'
  • Parking (Front) 20'
  • Parking (Side 13th Street) 10'
  • Parking (Side 12th Street) 10'
  • Rear (Alley) 6'