Boise's Innovative Development


Building Boise Together

Planning & Development Services' mission is "Building Boise Together." We see ourselves as a team, collaborating with Boise's citizens, neighborhoods, developers, organizations and businesses to create a better future for our city.

Boise's Innovative Development

To celebrate our community-wide collaboration, we're highlighting some of the City's most innovative projects, and shining a spotlight on developers who have shaped Boise's future by taking economic risks and building the type of projects the City advocates.

  • Commercial
    Pulled to the street
    Visibility into the space so activity can be seen by the public
    High quality materials 
  • Residential
    Integrates into surrounding neighborhood
    Massing broken up to relate to existing development
    Open space
    Provide a sense of community 
  • Public
    Comminity amenity
    Easy access by pedestrian/bike/vehicle
    High quality design and materials
    Low water usage landscape 

These projects leave a lasting mark on our community. They are unique in their response to site constraints, objectives of the developer and approach to integration with the neighborhoods. They exemplify the type of development that makes Boise such a great place to live.

Derick O'Neill
Planning & Development Services Director