New Business: Other Regulatory Agencies

Open for Business | Opening a business within Boise may require additional licenses and permits beyond the City of Boise's requirements, depending on the type of business. 

Ada County Agencies

  • Ada County Licenses & Permits
    Ada County requires licenses for liquor, beer, wine, catering, vehicle escort and solicitor/peddler. County licenses must be obtained prior to the City Clerk issuing the corresponding license. Call (208) 287-6840 for more information.
  • Ada County Highway District (ACHD)
    Call (208) 387-6100 for more information.
    • Sidewalk Cafes
      If there is seating on sidewalks or right-of-ways, a sidewalk cafe permit is issued by the City Clerk's office. ACHD had granted authority to the City Clerk's office to issue this type of license agreement.
  • Obstructing the Right-of-Way
    A license agreement is required for pergolas, balconies, landscaping or other obstructions located within the right of way. 

State of Idaho Agencies

Other Regulatory Agencies

  • Central District Health Department  (CDHD)
    A CDHD Food Establishment License is required prior to obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy. Planning & Development Services must verify CDHD license. Call (208) 327-7499 for more information.

 Other Agencies