Residential Construction for Homeowners


Can homeowners perform work themselves?

Homeowners may perform work on their primary residence without registering as a contractor with the State of Idaho. 

  • Do you need a permit?
    Check the Homeowner's Guide to Building Permits to see if your project needs a permit,
  • Permit Required: If you act as the sub-contractor on your project you must get a permit for the work and physically perform the work yourself. 

  • Apply Online: Homeowners can use PDS Online to pull trade permits (plumbing, electrical and mechanical) or permits for a fence, roof, windows or siding. Use the wizard to select the appropriate permits, apply online, schedule inspections and pay permit fees. Just set up an account to get started.
  • Homeowner Consultation: Once a permit is issued, please feel free to request a consultation prior to beginning work from our plumbing and mechanical inspectors. This visit can result in saving time and money. We are happy to assist you. 
  • Licensed Contractor: If you're not doing all of the work yourself (such as electrical, plumbing or mechanical work), the person performing the work must be a State of Idaho registered and licensed contractor in that trade.

Hiring a contractor

Here are some helpful hints for hiring a contractor. Please note that contractors are licensed by the State of Idaho.

  • Required Licenses: The State of Idaho requires that any individual or company performing Electrical, HVAC or Plumbing work obtain the required licenses.
  • Hire a Licensed Contractor: If you, as the owner, choose to hire a contractor, you must verify that the contractor is properly licensed with the State of Idaho's Division of Building Safety. Search for a Licensed Contractor

  • Make sure your Contractor gets a Permit: Contractors must get the appropriate City of Boise permits for the work they perform. Contractors must obtain permits in their name and may not legally perform work under a property owner (homeowner's) permit.
  • Helpful Hints