ESC Certification

Responsible Person Certification

  • The City of Boise requires a trained and certified "Responsible Person" on every construction site. They must have day-to-day control over construction site activities, and be in charge of the erosion and sediment control program.
  • The training covers program requirements, regulatory background and construction site best management practices. Students who pass the open-book written examination will be certified for three years.

Plan Designer Certification

  • Developers, builders and contractors involved in subdivision development, multi-family housing, all commercial development and some foothills construction, must submit an erosion and sediment control plan for review and approval or modification. Plans must be prepared and signed by an individual trained and certified by Boise City. 
  • Plan Designer training covers program requirements, regulatory background, ESC plans, and  best management practices. Students gain the knowledge necessary to prepare an erosion and sediment control plan. 
  • Attending the course does not guarantee certification. Since this basic level course is designed only to provide the City's requirements, attendees must provide a resume detailing their experience in erosion and sediment control. 
  • The City evaluates the student's qualifications and test results of the written examination (open book) to determine if certification will be issued.

Interim Certification

  • Responsible Person or Plan Designer interim certification is available. The interim certification is valid for 6 months and will not be renewed. The individual must attend the appropriate training during the interim certification period.