Erosion & Sediment Control


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What's New?

  • 2017 Updated Site Preparation Inspection Policy
    This policy clarifies the ESC site preparation requirement for City of Boise ESC permit holders.  For certain projects, scheduling a site preparation inspection is required before any land disturbing construction activity and after the installation of BMPs specified in the project's ESC/SWPPP site maps and narrative. Follow the link for more details.

What is the ESC program?

Boise's Erosion Control Program reduces or eliminates sediment discharge and pollutants into streets and the storm water system.  

  • What is Covered?
    The program covers all construction activity and all construction sites, regardless of size or ownership. The ordinance applies to commercial & industrial operations, residential practices, and construction site operations.

Why is Erosion a Problem?

Storm water (or other runoff) picks up sediment or other pollutants such as lawn chemicals or construction site soil and rock as it flows across hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt pavement. These pollutants are deposited into either the Boise River through the storm drain system or indirectly into our ground water by way of infiltration or seepage beds.

Many people mistakenly believe sediment, household chemicals, oil, paint or yard waste entering the storm drain system are "cleaned up." They aren't - they either end up in the Boise River or enter directly or indirectly into our ground water system.

The Boise River provides numerous recreation opportunities for our residents. This includes swimming, floating, fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities. It is in our best interest to protect this valuable resource by eliminating sediments and pollutants at the source area.