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Bown Crossing

Bown Crossing is a 35 acre development that includes 92 residential units that include a mixture of single family residential homes, patio homes, town homes and lofts, as well as 59,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space that are all nestled together to form a pedestrian oriented design that brings a diverse and exciting new energy to southeast Boise.

Bown Way makes the vehicular connection from Boise Avenue to Park Center Boulevard possible, but this developments connection between its new structures and its old world feel is what makes this project truly unique.

Project Information

Address Bown Way | Year Built 2006 | Acreage 35.66 acres | Building Coverage 21%

  • 10.25 acres of C-1D (Neighborhood Commercial with Design Review) 
  • 17.09 acres of R-1C (Single-Family Residential)
  • 2.66 acres of R-3D (Multi- Family Residential with Design Review)
  • 3 4.16 acres of PC-D (Pedestrian Commercial with Design Review)
Number of Units
  • 92 Residential units (single family residential homes, patio homes, town homes and lofts)
  • 59,000 square feet of office and commercial retail space



  • Front Yard
    20' for front loaded garages
    10' side loaded garages
  • Internal Side Yard
    10' minimum separation between buildings with varying setbacks to property lines
    0' for town homes
  • Exterior Side Yard
    5' for Lot 21 (Staff is recommending 10")
    20' for all other lots
  • Rear Yard
    15' to 35' varying throughout the planned development
  • Transitional Setbacks
    Commercial abutting Residential / Lots 6, 23 &26: 17' to 25'

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