Frequently Asked Questions

PDS Online

  • How do I set up an account?

    Create a PDS Online Account


    Log in to PDS Online

    • ePermits
      If you want to create trade permits or request inspctions, you need to add your company information to your profile. If you need help with this step, see the FAQ "Why can't I find my name in the search?" for directions.
    • eApply
      Apply for permits that need Planning & Zoning/Building Division review prior to approval



  • Why can't I find my company's name in the search?

    Company Name Search

    The "Company Name" query searches our database for your company record, and there are a few reasons why your information might not show up.

    1. Company Name Doesn't Match
      The name you typed doesn't match the way we have it entered in the database. Some names can be tricky. For example, "A1", "A-1", "A+1" and "A 1" would all be different records.

      Enter the first three letters of your company name to widen the search.
    2. Not in our Database
      If you haven't taken out a permit from us before, you won't be listed in the database. Call our permit desk at (208) 384-3802 to sign up.


  • Do I have to submit applications electronically?

    Interactive Applications

    • We still accept paper applications. However, if you want to type within the form, you must use the PDS Online version, fill it out and then print a copy. Otherwise, you can print the  "Application Preview"version and fill it out by hand.


  • ePlan Review and PDS Online: What's the difference?


    • Electronic plan review is performed using the ProjectDox program and the ePlanReview website. ePlanReview is separate from PDS Online and requires a separate login.
    • The ePlanReview website is on a secured server. Customers must be invited into a case; the data on the server is not accessible to the public.
    • ePlanReview Login

    PDS Online

    • PDS Online provides customized, subscription based permit information for PDS customers. A free membership account is required, and all services are provided free of charge.

    • PDS Online displays permit information that is in the public record. 
    • PDS Online Login 
  • Getting Started: What are the submittal standards for electronic files?

  • Getting Started: How do I log in?

    Please review our How to Log In quick guide.

  • Getting Started: How do I upload files?

    Please see our updated How to Upload Files quick guide.

    If you are uploading files for a project submitted before Aug. 7, 2017, please see our version 8.3 How to Upload Files quick guide.

  • Review Process: I uploaded my plans. Why aren't you reviewing them?

    Did you sign off the "Upload Confirmation" task? 

    • Since we have no way of knowing how long you'll take to upload files (or how many files you'll submit), you must sign off the "Upload Confirmation" task to notify us that you're ready to proceed to the next step.
    • The project sits in a "pending" status until we receive notification that you're done uploading files.
    • Step-by-step directions are listed in the "Please Upload Files" e-mail you received after submitting your application.
  • Review Process: Where do I find the plan reviewer's comments?

    Click here for a helpful screenshot.

  • Review Process: How do I download my approved set of plans?

    Please see our updated How to Download Plans quick guide.

    If you are uploading files for a project submitted before Aug. 7, 2017, please see our version 8.3 How to Download Plans quick guide.

  • Review Process: How do I review changemarks?

    Click here for a helpful screenshot.

  • Review Process: Why were my plans rejected during pre-screen?

    Plans Must Meet Submittal Requirements

    As part of our transition to electronic review, customers are now required to reserve specific areas of their plans for City approval stamps. The new layout is required for all electronic plans and encouraged for all paper plans.

    • The designated blank space for City stamps will become a requirement for both electronic and paper plans within the next year. 
    • Customers submitting for electronic review must also use our naming standards on all files.
    • The full list of new requirements is available in the Electronic Plan Submittal Standards document.
    • Electronic files that do not meet these requirements will not pass pre-screen review.
  • Review Process: My plans have been approved. Now what?

    • Print Approved Plans
      The architect/applicant must download the approved plans and documents and provide a copy of the approved plan set to the contractor. An approved paper plan set must be on the job site at all times during construction.
    • Building Permit Issuance
      Plans will not be released for printing until the Building Permit has been issued. We need the contractor's information (name and registration number), and a final Certificate of Value before we can determine the final fees. All fees must be paid prior to permit issuance. Have your contractor call our permit desk at (208) 608-7070.
  • Review Process: Why didn’t you give my contractor a set of the approved plans?

    Architect Must Download and Print Approved Plans

    • PDS does not keep paper copies of plans reviewed through our electronic ePlanReview program.
    • If a project was reviewed electronically, it is the architect/applicant's responsibility to download the approved plans and documents and provide a paper copy for their contractor to keep on the job site during construction.
  • Help: What browser do you recommend?

    ePlanReview is a web-based application, so no special software is needed. Plans and changemarks are best viewed in the current version of Internet Explorer. However, ePlanReview can be accessed from any web browser.

  • Help: I tried to sign off on my task and nothing happened.

    Check Your Browser

    • If nothing happens when you click the task's "Upload Complete" button, check which browser you're using. 

    • ePlanReview is designed to run in Interenet Explorer (IE) version 11 or greater. You can view the site using other browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox etc.), but will not be able to complete the assigned tasks unless you open ePlanReview within Internet Explorer.
  • Help: I keep getting errors. What should I do?

    Troubleshooting Installation Errors

    • ePlanReview customers may encounter errors if the ProjectDox program components were not properly installed. These errors are often caused by the computer's security/permissions settings.
    • The problem can usually be solved by editing a few settings on your computer, uninstalling the components, then reinstalling the program. Click here for the Troubleshooting Installation Errors quick guide.


  • Can I pay with a credit card?

    Does PDS Accept Credit Cards?

    • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. A convenience fee of 2.7% is added to the permit total.
  • Can I pay with an electronic check?

    Electronic Checks

    • We accept electronic checks. There is a $0.85  convenience fee to process your check.
  • Why am I charged extra to make an electronic payment?

    Service Charges

    • The City of Boise uses a third-party vendor (Retail LockBox) to process all electronic payments. Retail LockBox charges a service charge to process all credit card and electronic check transactions. 
    • The service charge is not paid to the City of Boise.