Preserving Boise's Livability

Build Boise
Inspiring a Shared Vision for the Built Environment

BuildBoise_PhotoThe City’s comprehensive guide to managing growth for the next 20 years is called Blueprint Boise. It’s a well thought out, detailed plan that outlines the City’s vision. While this lengthy 300+ page document may be considered uninteresting to some, the ideas it contains are not.

To help make Blueprint Boise more relatable, show the comprehensive plan in action, and communicate a clear vision to the public, we developed the “Build Boise” concept. Our goal is to inspire a shared vision for the built environment and preserve Boise’s livability for present and future generations. 

Build Boise Action Steps

  • Redefine Downtown
    Expand the benefits of an active downtown

  • Connect the Community
    Create better transportation options throughout the city

  • Embrace Our Edge 
    Plan for a sustainable pattern of development

  • Leverage Landholdings 
    Sell, donate or improve city property as a catalyst for economic activity


Redefine Downtown

  • Redefine Downtown is an initiative to expand Boise’s downtown to a wider area including the West End, the Boise State University/Lusk Street Area and the St. Luke’s Medical Center/Fort Boise area.

  • By broadening the definition of downtown (and by creating policies and plans that allow those areas to become more urban in nature) we can increase economic activity, employment opportunities and cultural vibrancy without requiring an increase in municipal services.

Energize Our Neighborhoods

  • The Energize Our Neighborhoods initiative is a partnership between the City of Boise and neighborhood associations to enhance our neighborhoods by increasing economic activity, improving safety, providing additional services and creating more vibrant and connected neighborhoods.

  • Using data as the road map, the project aims to make measurable change across multiple categories and develop a new model that can be used throughout the city. Our first target area is the Vista Neighborhood.

Connect the Community

  • Boise has a well-established network of roadways and an award winning Greenbelt running through the heart of our community. But many trips could be made easier and healthier if pedestrian, bicycle and transit alternatives were given equal consideration when planning and funding our transportation system.

  • Connect the Community will work with community partners to identify and implement multi-modal transportation solutions in all parts of Boise.