Planning & Development Services


What's New?

  • ePlanReview Uprgade
    The City of Boise, specifically, the Planning & Development Services Department is pleased to announce we will be upgrading our ePlanReview software the first weekend in August. Permits active prior to the August upgrade will use the existing process through completion. The new software will ensure that approved drawings for all new Building permits will not be available for download until all fees are paid. That is, Commercial, Residential and Fire permits applied for after 8/7.  ePlanReview will be “closed for business” from Friday August 4th at 3:00pm MST until Monday August 7th at 8:00am MST. For best results use Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit only) as your default browser.  Click here for browser configuration instructions. For questions, please email or call (208) 608-7070.

  • Transportation Action Plan (TAP)
    The Boise Transportation Action Plan (TAP) is a roadmap to a modern, well-balanced transportation system for Boise that provides real mobility choice and creates great places. It expresses the people of Boise’s vision, values and goals developed in the last 7 years of planning work by the city and region. Learn more
  • Downtown Parks & Public Spaces
    The Downtown Parks and Public Spaces Master Plan lays out a vision for the City of Boise’s next generation of parks and public spaces Downtown.
  • Business Resources
    Boise, Idaho is a great place to do business. Our city is business-friendly and works closely with the State of Idaho, local utilities, and other partners to compete for your business. Let us show you why so many have chosen Boise.